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What Types of Businesses are Most at Risk for Burglary?

Certain kinds of businesses are more at risk of being burglarized than others. If you run any of the following businesses, you might want to hire commercial security services that can help you avoid an invasion: Retail Businesses with Large Windows Burglars like to target businesses with large windows because they can easily see what

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Protect Your Neighborhood with Bolt Security Guard Services

Residential security guards provide the protection you need to keep your neighborhood safe. These guards can help you plan for unexpected situations. Here’s how Bolt Security Guard Services can help you maintain order where you live: Regular Patrols Neighborhood patrols help you and your neighbors feel safer at home. Our trained security guards can provide

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Creating an Intruder Emergency Plan

Implementing various security features can make your home less likely to be the target of a break-in. Even with these features, though, it is impossible to completely prevent an issue with an intruder. On top of preventative features, you should also make some plans about what to do in case of an emergency. Use this

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Top Ways to Protect Your Business

Commercial security is a preventative measure that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Use this guide to figure out the best ways to keep your business protected even when you cannot be there to do it yourself. Hire a Security Guard Commercial security guards patrol your property to ensure that

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Steps You Can Take to Prevent Your Business from Being a Target

When you run a business, you are susceptible to a wide range of issues that could threaten your ability to run your company. Use this guide to learn about steps you can take to keep your business safe from these protected threats. Invest in a Quality Security System It is important to monitor your commercial

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The Dangers of Cyber Bullying

More than half of all American teenagers have experienced online abuse, commonly known as cyber bullying. Unlike other common problems such as drug abuse and reckless behavior, the hazards of cyber bullying are not widely understood by most people. Here are some facts that everybody should know about this dangerous trend: What is cyber bullying?

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