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Trade show Attendees ONLY we are offering a security guard SPECIAL JUST FOR YOU! Choose one of our great offers below and get security now!

2 days guard coverage
which equals 4 patrols with Ticketing included

40 hours  discounted guard coverage
with Visitor Management.

This offer is valid thru May 31st.

Cutting-Edge Technology · Professionalism & Experience · 24-7 Dispatch Center · Commitment to Excellence

Community Security Services from Bolt Security Guard Services in Phoenix Arizona
Communities and HOA’s

have unique reception and safety needs for both residents and visitors. Our community security professionals are trained to deliver the highest level of customer service, develop trusted security policies and procedures, and foster local police relationships through industry best practices.

Our first priority is to help maintain a safe and secure environment for your residents. We will work closely with your team to customize a security concierge program that meets your community’s security and lifestyle needs

What We Do:
  • Parking Patrol and compliance with marked vehicles
  • Unmarked vehicles for a low profile security patrol
  • Targeted high volume patrols of specific problem areas acting as a deterrent to vandalism and graffiti.
  • Gate House security “greeter” in communities to provide access control of visitors and guests.
  • Virtual Gate Attendant to serve as access control for those communities without a guardhouse.
Our partnership with BSN Security

means we are single source for all community solutions including:

  • Electronic Gate Service
  • Video Monitoring of Gates for faster repair response
  • Remote system programming
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