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Bolt Security Guard Services helps to maintain a safe and professional environment for our clients with all security and life safety services including commercial and corporate buildings. We work with building owners and managers to help enhance security plans to keep employees and assets safe. By providing our security guards with both classroom and on-site training, the presence of well-trained security officers is a critical factor in preventing loss, keeping unauthorized individuals off property and helping safeguard employees, tenants and the public. We believe real-time reporting enables the client to stay informed of what is occurring at the location.

With the help of security guards training in both the classroom and on-site, we are leading the way in providing not only quality customer service and solutions but exceptional security guards your company will come to rely upon within a security plan.

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Protect Your Assests


Protect Your Assests


24/7 live video monitoring can help protect your home or business against vandalism, theft and other crimes. Surveillance cameras have also been found to improve employee productivity and reduce fraudulent liability claims. Our remote access control systems enable the ability to monitor and manage your system from your mobile device. You can control and automate your surveillance system to monitor employee and visitor activity.

Video Monitoring

Our network is operated by our dedicated support team, available 24/7. You have the peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on home, business or property. Our training ensures that the dispatcher knows what to look for and respond accordingly. If our dispatchers need to contact local authorities, a verified response can increase response times and reduce the risk of false alarms.

Remote Access

Receive instant alerts via text or email that will notify you when someone is entering or exiting your property. Watch live video at any time and get real-time notifications with snapshot images. Begin live recording when movement is detected and feel confident you will be notified of an intruder or suspicious activity. Being in the know is a peace of mind and will not only make you feel safer but your employees and guests will too.

Cloud Storage

Access your video surveillance footage at any time with an internet connection. Using cloud storage will allow you to feel safe knowing that your videos and images are backed up and easily accessible.

Peace of Mind


Get a security system as a low-cost and effective way to keep you and your family safe and give you much needed peace of mind.

Installing the modern security system is the only cost-efficient way to protect personal property, valuable possessions, and residents from unauthorized intruders. The security systems of modern days are designed very precisely using high-end features and applications. Some of the most important components of the modern security system are as follows.