Layers of Security


Protecting Your Campus

Bolt Security Guard services is the largest provider of campus security for the state.  Bolt Security Guard Services will work with you to help be prepared for everyday and unexpected safety issues. We design and implement a campus security solution that addresses your specific objectives.  We consider the entire campus, not just the front door.


What Solutions Do We Provide?

Backpack Shields–  Weighing less the one pound these backpack shields are ideal for students and teachers alike as an added layer of protection should the unfortunate occur.












Security Guard Services from Bolt Security Guard Services in Phoenix ArizonaHighly Trained Guards–  Our security guards are our pride and joy.  We take special care to ensure that our guards our prepared for every possible scenario.  Specifically for school security, our guards are specially trained in drug recognition, gangs, juvenile justice, emergency response plans, schools code of conducts, CPR/First Aid/AED, and centralized safety hub.  We know our guards are fully ready to protect what matters the most.







Metal Detectors– Metal detectors add an extra layer of protection to your schools security.  Should anyone try and bring in weaponry and the metal detectors will quickly pick it up and the person will be apprehended promptly.  A metal detector also acts as a deterrent by discouraging anyone from even trying to bring in a weapon.  Ultimately, a metal detector provides security by acting as a deterrent and alerting you if anyone tries to bring in any weapons.







Body Cameras–  Body cameras help us to protect your campus and our security guards.  If someone knows they are going to be filmed they are definitely less likely to try anything illegal.  Body cameras are also beneficial because they can provide footage if any incidents do occur.  This reduces uncertainty as a body camera documents everything a guard encounters.  The following link is a video where we show you why body cams are important:









CCTV–  CCTV allows you to live monitor and view recorded footage.  We offer cloud based CCTV solutions that can give you many great features.  Some of these features include camera health alerts, the ability to email or text JPEG photos, and analytics such as line crossing and object movement detection.  Being cloud based you will also have the ability to access the live camera footage remotely with an internet connected device.






Access Control–  Access Control allows you to selectively restrict access to only those who you desire to.  Access control can come in all shapes and forms such as electronic deadbolts, magnetic locks, card or key fob readers, keypads, or many other forms.  Ultimately, access control keeps who you want kept out of the building out.  Many access control solutions also offer cool features like allowing you to set access schedules, setting door rules, and all kinds of other great features.  This solution is a perfect one to keep those you want away from your school out from the start.











Traffic Signal- Traffic signals are perfect for making cars stop when they need to stop.  Bolt can provide you with traffic signals to provide an extra layer of security at an events or anywhere you may need traffic control.