Protect Your Neighborhood with Bolt Security Guard Services

Security guard checking businesswoman's credentials

Residential security guards provide the protection you need to keep your neighborhood safe. These guards can help you plan for unexpected situations. Here’s how Bolt Security Guard Services can help you maintain order where you live:

Regular Patrols

Neighborhood patrols help you and your neighbors feel safer at home. Our trained security guards can provide regular neighborhood patrols that can make your area less desirable to potential criminals. One of our security guards will always be nearby to help when you need it. We offer both identifiable security vehicles as well as unmarked vehicles so we can always meet your security needs.

HOA Enforcement

If you live in a community with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), our security guards can help you enforce the rules to keep the community functioning properly. From curb appeal to parking enforcement, one of our guards can learn the rules of your HOA to ensure that everything operates smoothly in your neighborhood.

High Volume Patrols

If there is a certain part of your neighborhood that sees crime, our security guards can pay special attention to it to try to lower crime rates. Whether you are having issues with graffiti or break-ins, our guards are here to help keep your neighborhood in the best shape.

A Gate Greeter

If you live in a gated community, we can provide gate greeters to patrol the front entrance of the property. Our guards are specially trained to offer this service, which includes providing access control for visitors, contractors, and residential guests.

If you want to take advantage of neighborhood security services, Bolt Security Guards is here for you. We can provide the kind of guard you need to ensure that the area where you live is completely safe. To learn more about our guards or our residential or commercial security services in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, visit us online or call (480) 860-5470.