Why locally owned?

With so many large box stores, nationwide service chains and nationwide service providers the everyday consumer loses sight of why buying from a locally owned company can be so important.  BSN Security is one of those locally owned small businesses that value our client relationships.  We wanted to share just a few reasons why it’s important to support your local businesses.

1)      For every $100 – $73 stay in the local economy when you use locally owned businesses.  For every $100 spend on a nationally owned business only $43 stays in the local economy.

2)      Local businesses are the largest employer nationally and provide the most jobs to residents.

3)      Get better service, locally owned companies are more customer service oriented.

4)      Encourage local prosperity.  Local owned businesses success builds a stronger local economy.

5)      Taxes are put to good use; small business requires fewer infrastructures and makes more use of public services.

We hope this gives you a few more reasons to think local the next time you go to purchase something.  The value of the dollar is great, and it’s even better when what we spend can go that much farther in our economy.