School security guards are in more demand now than ever before. These specially trained guards offer new levels of protection for students and teachers. Read on to learn more about this influx in popularity and why more schools feel the need to hire security guards.

Better Emergency Readiness

After so many incidents of horrific school shootings around the country, principals and school boards are taking a more cautious approach to education. Private security guards on campus help schools enhance their emergency response plans by keeping teachers and students safe in case of an unexpected emergency on campus. Security guards are also trained in CPR, First Aid, and AED, which can help save a life.

A Way to Regulate Drugs on Campus

The presence of an on-campus security guard can also help schools have more control over drugs. If anyone suspects drug use on campus, the security guards are there to maintain order and to help prevent more students from exposure to these substances.

Protection Against Gangs

Gang problems can get out of control quickly, which is why it is helpful to have a trained security guard on campus. Even just the presence of a security guard can reduce gang incidents and keep the rest of the student body safe from gang violence.

Help to Spot Code of Conduct Violations

Every school has their own code of conduct and security guards can help regulate these rules. From tardiness to fights, a security guard who monitors the campus can ensure that the students always comply with the school’s code of conduct.

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