School security guards are critical for keeping campuses safe. If you are in charge of a school, it is important to put the proper security measures into place. Keep reading to find out how campus security can make a school property safer.

Drug Recognition

Without the proper security, drugs could become a large problem on your campus. When you have security guards patrolling the area, though, they can spot signs of drug use to minimize the issue before it gets out of control.


Gangs are responsible for a lot of violence. If you have them congregating on your campus, it could put your students at risk. Professional security guards are there to help you minimize threats such as gangs so you can ensure that your school is completely safe for your students and your faculty.

Juvenile Justice

Whether a fight breaks out or a student starts to vandalize property, campus security guards are there to keep the peace among your students. Security guards help you maintain and enact juvenile justice on the campus.

Emergency Response Plans

If an unexpected situation occurs on your campus, school security guards are on site to offer assistance that can save someone’s life. From starting an evacuation during a fire to administering CPR/first aid, the presence of campus security helps you prevent a bad situation from getting any worse.

School Code of Conduct

Campus security guards can also help you make sure all of your students are abiding by the school code of conduct. Whether you have a dress code or forbid cigarettes on campus, hiring security guards to patrol the campus helps you keep your school safe and free from behavioral issues.

Bolt Security Guard Services are here to help you make your property more secure. Whether you are running a school or an HOA, we provide professional security guards that can make your property safer. To learn more about our services or to request a security guard, visit us online or call (480) 860-5470.