What to Do After a Break-In

Breaking into the house
When someone breaks into your home or office, it is hard not to feel violated, but fast action can help you get the best results from an unfortunate situation. If you have experienced a break-in, use this guide to figure out what to do to regain your sense of security.

Call the Police

The first thing you should do when you notice something amiss is to call the police. If you think the intruder might still be inside the building, you should go to a neighbor’s house or another place where you feel safe until the police arrive.

Document the Scene

It is important to avoid touching anything before the police check out the property to make sure you do not contaminate the crime scene. Take some pictures for your own records so you can give them to the insurance company if they have any questions about what happened.

Make an Insurance Claim

Once you have your copy of the police report, you can file a claim with your homeowner’s or renters insurance company. Give them as much information about the incident as possible. You should have a list of anything that was taken as well as an estimated value of everything you lost.

Enhance Your Security

Security systems and security guards can help you feel more secure after a break-in. If you live in a residential community, you might want to talk to your HOA about getting a security guard to patrol the property. When a security professional patrols the area, it can dissuade potential intruders from attempting future break-ins.

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