What is Live Video Monitoring?


As the only security integrator in Arizona to provide Live Video Monitoring we are proud of the work we have done to help enhance security at many site across Arizona.  However, not everyone always understands how Live Video Monitoring can enhance your current security program.

Wouldn’t you like to be proactive not reactive to situations occurring on your property?  What would it mean to catch someone in the act and dispatch the authorities?  Live Video Monitoring is DPS trained dispatcher acting as a virtual security guard to monitor the property thru the use of security cameras to observe and report on client defined parameters.

Let me give you an example.  A property was having continued problems with vandalism, rocks being thrown at glass storefronts and other related problems.  The property decided to install security cameras with Live Video Monitoring.  Within 1 month of the security cameras being live in our video monitoring center we had dispatched the police and they made an arrest.   This real time response set a standard for the property that someone is watching.

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