Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor Management is the first step in an effective access control pan for a community. While you may not think of technology in the conjunction with your Security Guard Company, technology is an essential part of our operation at Bolt Security Guard Services. We implement it immediately when working with a new community and ensure the gatehouse staff is well-trained.

Visitor Management means people are not accessing your property unless they are authorized to be there. Our solutions make it easy to process visitors, monitor how often someone enters the community and deny access to those who should not be on property.

Visitor Management software also provides an easy way to engage your residents: they are much more likely to use and update their personal information if they can do it on their phones or other electronic devices. It is quite likely you have residents whose information has not been updated for quite some time. Our solutions are cloud-based and there is no limit on how much information can be stored for the community–from names, photos, pass codes, recording video surveillance, and any information alerting the access control system.

Call us today to find out Bolt Security Guard Services can upgrade your current process and implement state-of-the-art technology solutions.