As many of you notice around the valley were some pretty spectacular storms.  But storms and electrical surges can be deadly to many electrical systems providing just enough of a spike in voltage to cause problems with your systems.  These problems can range from corrupted data to blown power supplies or bad systems in general.

Below are a few tips to keep your systems safe in conditions like these.

1)      Keep all video system powers supplies on a surge protector switch.

What is a surge protector?  Simply it is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes by attempting to limit the voltage supplied by blocking or shorting to ground an unwanted voltage that are above a safe threshold.

2)      Do not plug one surge protector into another surge protector.

3)      Make use of a UPS/Battery backup system.  This device will sustain power to your device for a few hours giving time for power to restore to the area.

4)      Disconnect your system from any services including power (as applicable), internet or telephone lines.  All services can provide some level of spiked voltage running to the system.

5)      Check systems for loose, damaged or poor connections and make sure you replace them.