At Bolt Security Guard Services the marriage of physical security and security thru technology is critical in today’s market with the use of smartphones and tablets security is taken to the next level getting eyes on more ground than ever before.

Here are a few examples:

1)      Retail Centers:

2)      Parking Lots

3)      School Campuses

4)      Warehouses

5)      Parks and Fields

Security Guards patrol all of these areas on the lookout for potential areas and circumstances of concern such as a theft, vandalism or unusually large groups and activity.  However, a security guard can be limited on what he can observe when he is patrolling or responding to a situation if he is no longer at his security desk and able to view the cameras.  The use of mobile technology changes all of that and makes the value add of our security guards even greater.

Take this to the next level; imagine that security guard had the assistance of a virtual guard back at a central command center helping him keep an eye on the site?  This is combining the best of both worlds: the ability to watch a site with the ability to respond.

It is this kind of security we believe will take protection to the next level and we are proud to embrace it and help guide the industry to this next step.

Proud Partner of BSN Security, Phoenix Security Services