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Armed Security Solutions

Armed security guards are the ultimate security presence. Armed guards provide an elevated level of service for an elevated threat or risk level, from protection of property to protection of persons. To become an armed guard in Arizona, a guard must already be licensed as an unarmed guard and then pass an intensive 16-hour course covering use of force, laws concerning the lawful use of firearms, and culminating in a strict live-fire firearms proficiency course.


Armed guards are professional security officers, often with years of experience in the security field or law enforcement. They are an excellent investment in your safety and the security of your belongings and property.

An armed security guard can more effectively deal with issues such as:
  • Workplace
  • Alarm
  • Executive
  • Community
  • Sites in high-crime
  • High-value
  • Sensitive or restricted
  • High-end retail
  • Large office buildings
Armed Security from Bolt Security Guard Services in Phoenix Arizona

We use highly specialized, experienced personnel to partner with you to develop a comprehensive security plan that includes event management, coordination with local law enforcement and medical personnel, and risk/event assessments. We’ve provided our security services to a large variety of events such as:



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