Tips for safe driving for the holidays:

Many families will soon embark on the annual tradition of driving long distance to visit loved ones for the holiday season.  Before you get on the road we wanted to share with you a few holiday driving tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday season.


1)      Before you leave: have your car checked out by a certified mechanic to ensure it is safe for travel.  Communicate with your mechanic and let them know the driving conditions you will be encountering.

2)       Use your seatbelts: make sure all passengers’ children and adults alike are restrained properly.  Test your safety belts and car seats.

3)      Be flexible: watch the weather, leave early or change your plans if weather or other factors present a risk.  There will always be another day to get together as long as everyone is safe.

4)      Be alert when driving: take breaks and get some fresh air.  If you are still tired spend the night at a motel or campground to make sure you are well rested before driving.  Don’t try to push yourself or adhere to an unrealistic schedule.

5)      Don’t speed: give plenty of time and distance around you to other cars.  You need plenty of reaction time and want to stay in control of the situation particularly if other cars are aggressive.  Let them go around you

6)      Do not pass until you can see the road clearly and it is safe to pass.

7)      Choose a Designated Driver if there will be drinking, don’t take the risk of additional impairment.

8)      Don’t use your cell phone.  Driving requires your full attention any call or text can wait.