Hotel Security Guards

Security Guard Services from Bolt Security Guard Services in Chandler Arizona

Hotel Security Guards – finding the right balance

Providing quality hotel security can be a difficult challenge for both the Hotel Management and Security Company.  Hotels security teams can be lightly staffed in comparison to the volume of guests they may have on property.   Security staff often are diverted to attend to guests needs, particularly at night when there is a skeleton crew.  This imbalance leaves the property vulnerable to liability.

At Bolt Security Guard Services, we help to bridge the gap by providing quality, security professionals focused strictly on the vulnerabilities of the property.  This allows the hotel staff to focus on their priority of guest engagement.  It is simply not practical to have the same person deliver towels to room 54 when there is a skirmish happening at the pool.

What you need in our hotel security staff?

  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Verbal Communication skills
  • De-Escalation training
  • Crowd management

What does Bolt Security Guard Services?

  • Understand the property to know the best times to patrol
  • Deter crime from being committed in less populous areas on property
  • Secure doors according to hotel schedule
  • Discreetly monitor guest activity
  • Protect residents and staff


Selecting the right security professional is critical.  Contact us today for a proposal.