1)      Avoid candles and live flames as a part of our Halloween decoration.  With new LED based flame-less candles you can achieve the same results with less hazard.

2)      Use caution when decorating with dried flowers, crepe paper etc.  They are highly flammable and heat from light bulbs can also start fires.

3)      If you are putting up lights, make sure all electrical cables are safely out of the way of children and if putting them up outside ensure they are outdoor rated.

4)      Keep the area around your home clutter free and put away any sharp tools or gardening implements.

5)      Check porch lights to make sure they are functional.

6)      Leave a clear path to your front door, it prevents trick-or-treaters from tripping but also enables you to see who is coming to your front door.

7)      If you live in a gated community and are hosting a Halloween party do not leave the code or instructions on how to get in posted at the calling unit.   This allows open access.

8)      Be vigilant as you pass out candy, look for out of place or strange things that do not belong.  They may not and better to be safe than sorry.

9)      If your neighborhood is prone to problematic trick-or-treaters, consider hiring a Security Guard Service to patrol the neighborhood for the night.  Security Guards are and effective deterrent and act as an extra pair of eyes to watch activity in your neighborhood.