Theft can be a very real threat for small and large businesses alike. Hiring a qualified security guard offers peace of mind in any security or emergency situation. Not only will you and your employees feel more confident about workplace safety, your customers will take note of your dedication to company security as well.

Theft Prevention

In many cases, the presence of a security guard itself is a deterrent to theft. Visible onsite security will make any thief or vandal think twice about your targeting your business; often he’ll move on to an easier target. Furthermore, security guards are trained to be aware of situations and individuals that could pose a problem. Unlike a security system, a security guard provides a real-time solution to potentially hazardous situations. If your security guard is concerned, he can notify you or the authorities in time to prevent a problem. A security guard can also provide monitoring services to allow you and your employees to focus on duties related to your business, rather than constant surveillance.

Emergency Management

In the event of an emergency, security guards can offer essential guidance and leadership. The specialized training a security guard has received means he can take charge and ensure employees and customers get to safety or receive the care they need in an emergency situation. Having a security guard on duty thus provides not only peace on mind when it comes to crime prevention, but an added safety measure in situations you may not be able to predict as well. If a crime does occur, your security guard will follow predetermined procedures to ensure the situation is handled appropriately and intelligently until law enforcement can take over.

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