At Bolt Security Guard Services we see a variety of situations occur within communities.  Sometimes they are a simple as someone hanging on a pedestrian gate, vandalism at a community pool, park or clubhouse or crime within the community.  We are often asked what we can do to assist the community in working to reduce the activity in the area.  Being a security company we have a variety of options to assist homeowners such as patrols and live video monitoring.  But… the number one thing we like to hear is communities who have a community watch program or who are genuinely interested in the happenings at their home.

For a security company it takes time to learn and understand the different nuances of a community, what to expect as normal and what is not.  But each resident see’s the activity in their neighborhood every day and can quickly identify what is out of place.  What we like to see and like to encourage are Community Watch programs and community involvement.  It is the simple things such as when you enter your gated community watch and see if someone tailgates in after you have entered.  Pause after you have entered for just a few moments, this will discourage tailgating.

When each resident gets involved it’s these little changes that can add up to make a big difference.