Increase security on your property with the help of a professionally trained guard. If you are interested in hiring a guard to watch over your commercial or residential property, you should work with a private security company to ensure that the guard will meet your standards. Consider the following factors before hiring an agency:

The Agency’s Qualifications

An agency must be licensed by the AZ DPS Licensing Unit to legally provide security guards in the state of Arizona. Before you agree to work with an agency, do some research to make sure they are qualified to provide security guards to meet your needs. If you want a security guard to hold a firearm while monitoring your property, they must have a valid armed security guard license.

Your Security Needs

If you want to find security guard services that can meet your property’s need, you have to first determine what those needs are. Whether you are looking to protect a commercial or a residential property, you should create a list of services that you want the guard to perform. When you start interviewing private security guard agencies, you can bring them the list to ensure that a guard will be able to offer all of these services.

The Security Control Center

Private security agencies with state-of-the-art control centers help you ensure that your property is properly protected. In addition to an on-site guard, you can also take advantage of the security control center. The added benefit of this security feature makes hiring a guard even more effective for your commercial or residential property.

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