Security guards provide the peace of mind that comes with a watchful eye and a quick, appropriate response to security issues. However, not all security services provide the same level of training and service. Bolt Security Guard Services is dedicated to offering the highest quality of service in Phoenix area.

Our Training

Bolt Security Services knows that top-quality security service begins with top-quality training. Our security guards receive eight hours of state training in addition to any site-specific training required to fulfill their duties under special conditions. Security guards are also trained to take charge in emergency situations and maintain authority until police or other officials can arrive. Furthermore, each of our security guards is also trained and certified in CPR, AED, and basic first aid.

Our Technology

At Bolt Security Services, we recognize that the latest developments in security technology can enhance the services we provide. We offer technology solutions that can improve the security of your property while minimizing the costs of maintaining constant security and surveillance. Our guards can work with all types of security systems and utilize the latest in monitoring and communications technology while on the job. Security guards are equipped with GPS tracking and log in and out using a computerized system so you’ll know exactly who is on the job and where they are at all times.

Our Communication

Communication is one of the major keys to providing excellent security services in any situation. Bolt Security Services maintains 24/7 telephone monitoring and video surveillance services at our Security Communications Center. In cases where access must be limited and logged, we offer callbox or card access systems for monitoring and traffic control purposes. All guard movements and duties are supervised 24/7 by a patrol supervisor and watch commander to ensure proper procedures are followed and communication is maintained at all times.

Bolt Security Guard Services is proud to provide customized security guard services in Phoenix and Scottsdale. You can learn more about school security, residential security, or commercial security on our website or by calling (480) 860-5470.