Microsoft has put out a warning regarding a new piece of malware masking itself as Google Chrome or Firefox add on.  Once downloaded the Trojan will take the account holders information, like pages, add friends, post, join a group etc.

Please be aware that this is happening.  Social media sites are great for interacting with family and friends but they are also the perfect place for identity thieves and other hackers to gain access to your personal information.  Below are a few helpful tips to keep you safe in this online environment.

–          Never share your password with anyone.

–          Never post your date of birth, phone number, email address or plans to be out of town.

–          Use scan software to ensure links posted on Facebook are safe.  Hackers use phishing sites to steal personal information.

–          Stay current with your knowledge of the Facebook privacy settings, these settings change often and will be important to you keeping your information confidential.

–          Do not friend anyone you don’t know, keep to your “circle of trust”

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