Thank you to our Trusted Partner BSN Security LLC for this blog. What are your thoughts on environmentally friendly technology?

In the Spirit of Earth Day today we thought it would be a good idea to take a minute and speak about things in our industry that help preserve the environment. At BSN Security we are a fan of using solar powered cameras where applicable.

What is solar power? Solar is a clean energy alternative helping to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing waste and pollution.

Solar Powered Cameras: This new development in technology is fantastic! Not only does it help preserve the environment but it also enables clients to place cameras where they wouldn’t have ordinarily been able to without power. Storage based in SD cards means you don’t have to power an additional device just to store your footage.

Solar Powered Mobile Camera Unit: In need of temporary cameras? These temporary camera units can be placed anywhere you need because they don’t require electricity to run. What does that mean? No electrical cord that can be unplugged and no need for a generator to produce pollution.

At BSN Security we have custom built our solar powered camera units to not only meet the needs of the customer but also to help do our part in preserving the environment.

What is your favorite environmentally friendly piece of technology?

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