Cell Phone Case That Doubles As A Stun Gun


While browsing the web today I came across something I had never heard of or seen. A cell phone case that doubles as a stun gun! The case is called the Yellow Jacket and delivers 650k volts of energy through electrodes on its upper edge. While not normally considered a lethal dose, it’s enough to help people disable an attacker and possibly get away. The case was originally designed for the iPhone 4, however; the technology industry, especially that of cell phones, is so fast paced that they are having a hard time producing the Yellow Jacket fast enough for all of the changes and newer versions. If they can keep up, then it just comes down to getting the word out there about the product. You may be wondering how safe it is to use a phone that doubles as a stun gun and have it up to your ear, but there is a double-safety protocol. There is a cover that must be flipped open and a safety switch must be triggered prior to firing the weapon.

Do you think this is a good idea and can change personal safety, or is it a disaster waiting to happen? People constantly carry their cell phone around with them, how would places such as schools and airports handle this? Especially in schools, how would they know a student has the case and how would they ban the case?