Spring is almost here and we are all excited to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather. One of the greatest past times in Arizona is to go for a bike ride and enjoy the desert landscape. It is especially enjoyable to go riding as a family.

Before you get out and hop on your bike please take a few minutes to read the bicycle safety tips brought to you by the City of Phoenix. Workshops are happening around town to teach you and your children the rules of the road, be on the lookout for the next one coming to your neighborhood.

Be safe and enjoy!

City of Phoenix, Best Practices to Remember

Ride your bike on the right hand side of the road.
Always ride in the same direction as the cars.
Use a bike path if one is available.
If you are with others, ride single file, not side by side.
When on the sidewalk remember to be careful around the people that are walking.
Obey all traffic signs.
Stop your bike at street corners.

Look to the right, left, and behind you before you start to cross the street. Make sure all cars stop and drivers see you before you step into the street.
If the light is red, you need to stop just like the cars.
If the light is green, you should check that all cars see you before you cross the street.
Walk your bike when you are in the crosswalk.
Wear light colors and reflective strips when riding at night.
Oh yeah! Always wear a bicycle helmet!

For more information go to: http://phoenix.gov/police/bike_safety.html