Bolt Security Guard Services provides security guards to a variety of places and businesses. Have you ever considered the benefits of having such a guard? While many businesses and residential communities do have security guards, there are still large portions that don’t.

Some of the benefits to having a security guard include loss prevention, crime prevention, accident protection and safety. Having a security guard may actually attract customers to your business or community. People feel safe in the presence of a guard and see that the proprietor is concerned about their safety. It is no surprise that when there is a visible security guard many crimes are prevented. Whether it is shoplifting from a store, an employee stealing, someone breaking in a business or home, crimes that involve violence and weapons, vehicle theft, vandalism, etc. All of these scenarios are less likely to happen when there is a security guard at the door, gate entrance or patrolling the area.

A security guard can also save you money by minimizing your exposure in lawsuits or verifying that you are not at fault. If an accident occurs, the guard can interview the victim and check the area for any obstructions or safety hazards. They can check alarms to be sure they are in proper working condition. They can direct traffic, help with parking, and assist with crowd control or lines. There is really no negative to having a security guard at your business or community.

There is another element that can be added with security guards and that involves actual security systems. Thankfully we have a sister company, BSN Security, who provides all things security; from residential and commercial security to video surveillance. When you get set up with this type of security and have a guard you are fully protecting yourself, your business, your employees and customers, your community and residents. Check out for more information on all that they do and how they can protect your world. They also have a Facebook and Twitter!