COVID-19 Compliance Services

Bolt Security Guard Services Now Offering COVID-19 Compliance Services

Services Include COVID Compliance Officers And Thermal Detection Services

Bolt Security Social Compliance Services provide trained individuals that will help create a safe and healthy environment. This service is great for places including but not limited to:



-Community centers

-Fitness centers


-Business settings

-Retail stores

How does it work?

Our COVID Compliance Officers incorporate a handheld camera that reads and measures body temperature, immediately notifying the security guard if a person has an above normal temperature, making it an innovative way to protect others against sickness while following the recommended CDC guidelines. Our services deliver temperature readings in real time, lowering response time and increasing the precautions that can be taken to protect those in and around populated areas. The camera has a 99.9% accuracy rate with temperature reads using facial recognition the camera can be used up to 10 feet away from a person. Using FDA recommendations, if a subject has an elevated body temperature reading, the security guard will be notified and a second reading would be conducted. 

Our COVID Compliance Officers will also assist in distributing personal protection and sanitation equipment, communicating and enforcing social distancing, and ensuring occupancy counts at all time.

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