Visitor Management

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Bolt Guard wants you to be able to manage your communities visitors effectively.

A visitor management system gathers information, recording visitors and where they go.  In conjunction with access control equipment, a visitor management system allows you to set access rules and track who has visited gate, doors, and other important entry/exit ways.  This benefits property managers by giving gate and lobby attendants a way to expedite visitor access through a secure interface while presenting a professional image.


We are partnered with and highly recommend BSN Security for your visitor management needs.  They have a host of solutions that can meet your needs.  To find out more, or receive a quote please call (480)686-9052 or email

Community Security Services from Bolt Security Guard Services in Phoenix Arizona
  • Electronic Real Time Reports
  • Badging
  • Resident Portal Access
  • Dedicated App
  • Technology Interface
Areas Served:
  • Commercial Business Complex
  • Large Business
  • Gatehouse Solutions
  • Front Entry



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