Customized Security

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No two security situations are exactly alike.

That’s why your security services program should be tailored to your needs. Bolt Security Guard Services has been providing customized security officer solutions to meet the specific needs of clients large and small, for more than 15 years.


What’s given us such longevity? It’s our ability to combine the right people, training and technology with the responsiveness of local and site management. Add to that an excellent customer service team and you’ll see why Bolt builds enduring client relationships. It all starts with understanding your specific needs, then building a security solution that not only meets those needs but anticipates issues.

Customized Security Services from Bolt Security Guard Services in Phoenix Arizona

Carefully screened, highly trained officers who are sensitive to your unique business environment provide the safety and security you require with the professionalism you desire. The result is a customized, proactive security solution that you’ll trust to deliver the highest quality standards every day, all day, at every location.

We offer a full range of customized solutions:
  • Bank Security
  • Apartment Complex Security and Patrols
  • Car Dealership Security
  • Restaurant Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Warehouse and Industrial Security
  • Commercial Office Complex Security and Patrols
  • Senior and Retirement Housing Community Security
  • Residential Single Family Security
  • Retail Store Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Shopping Center Security and Patrols
  • Commercial “Fire Watch” Services
Depending on your needs, our security officers can perform a number of duties, these include:
  • Resident and Employee Escorts from building to parking lot
  • Foot Patrols
  • Vehicle Patrols
  • Greeting Customer
  • Video Monitoring
  • Crowd Control

Our armed security guards as well as our unarmed security guards are provided training by current and retired law enforcement certified trainers. Bolt Security officers are not only trained in the physical aspects of security, they are also trained to patrol your property with a community policing mindset. We also teach the art of verbal judo to utilize when attempting to diffuse conflict.



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