Visitor Management

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Bolt’s wants you to be able to manage your communities visitors effectively.

A visitor management system gathers information, recording visitors and where they go.  In conjunction with access control equipment, a visitor management system allows you to set access rules and track who has visited gate, doors, and other important entry/exit ways.  This benefits property managers by giving gate and lobby attendants a way to expedite visitor access through a secure interface while presenting a professional image.


We recommend using dwellingLIVE for your visitor management systems.  dwellingLIVE is the most complete, feature rich visitor management system on the market, enabling the highest level of security for communities. We are partnered with and highly recommend BSN Security for your visitor management needs.  To find out more, or receive a quote please call (480)686-9052 or email

Commercial Security from Bolt Security Guard Services in Phoenix Arizona
  • Electronic Real Time Reports
  • Badging
  • Resident Portal Access
  • Dedicated App
  • Technology Interface
Areas Served:
  • Commercial Business Complex
  • Large Business
  • Gatehouse Solutions
  • Front Entry



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