Pedestrians can be easy targets in parking lots without realizing it.  One of our associates had her purse ripped off her arm as she was walking to her car.  The burglar came up behind her at a run, grabbed her purse handle and kept running dragging her across the parking lot.

Below are just a few tips to help you stay vigilant and avoid these problems.

1)      Stay alert, walking with your head up and shoulders back.  This helps to keep you alert of your surroundings.

2)      Looks for suspicious vehicles and people.

3)      Walk with others when possible.

4)      Be aware of noises and movements.

5)      Always keep your keys in your hand and ready to open your vehicle.

6)      If you are alone at night, ask security if available to escort you to your vehicle.

7)      Always park in a well-lit area.

Always pay attention to your surroundings it will make all the difference.