Have you ever been home late at night and heard strange noises?  If you have dogs they start to bark and you can’t see or understand what they are barking at.  And while you are questioning what is going on, do you take a few minutes to turn on your security system?  Security systems if even armed in the stay mode can be an extremely helpful tool in the event something is wrong.

We have often heard in our industry that security systems aren’t effective or don’t prevent crime from happening.  While no security company will ever tell you that a security system or cameras can prevent crime, statistics show they are an effective deterrent.

A new survey completed by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation found burglars are deterred by security or video surveillance systems.  The survey revealed that 83% of respondents reported they would determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary.  60% said they would consider the presence of video surveillance equipment when selecting a target.

So while you look at that keypad every day on your wall and not thing anything of it, take a second look.  It is this equipment that could be standing between you and a potential burglary.

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