Benefits of Having a Gatehouse Security Greeter


People choose to live in gated communities for the exclusivity and protection that the gate provides. Adding a gatehouse security greeter makes the gates even more functional and secure to enhance the community even more. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring a security greeter for your property:

You Can Keep Track of All Visitors

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a gatehouse security greeter is the added security it brings. A security official can check everyone who enters and exits the property. If someone does not have a reason to enter the community, the security greeter will make sure they do not get past the gate. This extra barrier of protection significantly reduces the risk of an intruder making it on to the property.

You Can Be Alerted to Guests

The gatehouse security greeter literally greets all of the guests who come to the property. They can also call you to inform you when you have a visitor. Whether or not you are expecting someone, this added security feature gives you a heads up when someone is trying to enter the property to visit your home.

You Can Get onto the Property

Some gated communities require a badge to open the gate. If you forget your badge, you might not be able to enter the community. When you have a gatehouse security greeter, he or she will recognize your car and let you onto the property. Instead of getting stuck outside the property, you can easily get in whenever you want to go back to your house.

Bolt Security Guard Services is here to help you keep your property more secure. Whether you want to add a gatehouse security greeter to your gated community or hire a guard to patrol your office building, we have what you need to keep any property safe. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (480) 860-5470.